Friday, March 4, 2011

"Winning and Losing; Wins and Losses; Winners and Losers. You get the idea."

i'm just going to ramble on this one.

my first thought when i saw the topic was winners, the store, which i like.

my second thought was that i could write an essay on what a loser i was in high school. {no, don't even try to console me. a guy once got paid to ask me out and he paid me to say no. just in case. you know. it was then that i knew where i stood in the social spectrum of things; i spent most of the rest of that day in the bathroom crying.} {{i can't believe i just shared that on the internet.}}

my third thought was that i've spent the past hour eating noodles and listening to covers of the cyndi lauper song time after time. mostly because the last couple of times i hung out with you, hannah, you've been singing it. and it's a really good song, i think, and i feel like there should be some sort of amazing, cover of it. so i search.
a summery of my findings:

saosin cover: i enjoyed it{ish} up until the chorus, where the lead singer discovered he couldn't sing the high notes but didn't stop singing.

quietdrive cover: sounds too much like simple plan.  

ashley tisdale cover: meh. if you like mandy moore.

willie nelson cover: best i've found so far. really.
mm. let's say winner.

eva cassidy cover: mm, this one's nice.

even so, the winners didn't blow my mind, and i was disappointed.
so i gave up and started looking for covers of girls just wanna have fun.
SO much more success.

greg laswellrussian red, the killerstwin atlantic {for a scottish twist}, etc.
EVERYONE has covered that song. mercyme. miley cyrus. um.

yep. that's how i spent my afternoon.
so, what does that make ME?
over to you, hann.

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Hannah Leanne said...

mercyme??? That's the bestest.