Friday, March 4, 2011

Turning Losers into Winners.

There are certain people that I regard as Losers. I don't feel bad about this because they're famous. They live simply rich and extraneous lives because they did something once and for that reason my opinion of them doesn't matter too much.

James Vanderbeek for instance. I hated James Vanderbeek when I was really into Dawson's Creek. He was the lamest character and because they didn't actually live in Dawson's Creek, BC as I originally thought but in Capeside - somewhere along the eastern seaboard - the show was essentially named after him! It was his creek! Which, I'm putting together now, refers to the creek located next to his house that many of the character's spent time at. But still, if you're going to name the show after a specific character, make that character something to admire. Seven years later however, James is looking back on those days with fondness and intelligence, deciding to make a parody out of that character. Here's a vid for your viewing pleasure.

Now he's a winner.

Joy Williams was one of those Christian artists that I could have been into when I was an adolescent but for some reason never got into. As soon as I fell out of Christian music, she was one of the first to be regarded by me as a loser. Her music was cliche and cookie cutter. I didn't listen to those people anymore. Somewhere along the way she changed her style of song writing to Indie Pop. Now that's something I could get into. Thanks to a friend who has a life-long (and it will be that long) obsession with Joy, I did get into it and I can officially say that I consider her a winner.

Ke$ha. We all know it right? She's a trashy party girl that didn't even get to do the innocent stage like Lindsay Lohan did. But then I found this.

Are you kidding me? If I was at a folk festival and heard this voice, I would buy her album. Legit. I love this song. I love the fragility of her tone and the way she uses the break in her voice to create different colors within the song. It doesn't matter if she's doing it intentionally, she's doing it; and she's still Ke$ha. This makes her a fabulous winner.

Everyone says that you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover but Suzy and I agree that this judgement is a necessity. The best part is when you discover the flaw in that judgement. Or at least see its progression to awesomeness.


suzy said...

well done hannah. well done. i am thoroughly shocked.

Crystal said...

WHo knew that Ke$ha would ever be considered a winner? But alas and alack, I'm totally with you on this the song :)