Tuesday, October 12, 2010

antm. it is what it is.

i'm late in writing this. it's taken me weeks to sit down and just do it. that is because, as they say, "life is like a box of chocolates" and lately i've been a glutton, eating a lot more than i should all at one time.
nevertheless, i am here now and i want to talk to you today about a subject pertaining to the theme hannah has chosen [television].

subject: america's next top model.

have you seen it? i have. i've seen every episode of every cycle. well aren't i all that and a bag of chips.
[yes, cycle. instead of season. because tyra banks is...something. some word. but i can't think of what kind of word even. she's just very...tyra banks. is it acceptable to describe something using it's own title? oh well.]
they're on cycle 15 now. for fifteen cycles, i've watched young girls come in droves, stand in front of judges, get in cat fights with each other, get makeovers, get emotional, get photographed, get judged, and get sent home. except for one girl who wins and gets her life changed.

thing is, i haven't really heard of any of the girls since. even the ones who became 'america's next top model'. i admit, i'm not really a fashionista or anything, i don't really care about that aspect of it. but tyra banks says over and over that she's looking for the next tyra banks.
now, i know who tyra banks is. but i can't even remember the name of the girl who won cycle 2.
it reminds me a little of american idol: the winners sometimes go far, and sometimes you can't remember them. i'm a little bit convinced that the ones who did get famous out of it would have even if it hadn't been for the competition. and there are those who luck out and make it really far in the competition, get out in the real world, and fade away. meh.
same thing with antm.

speaking of tyra banks. you'd think she invented fashion. you'd think she invented clothes. you'd think she invented fake eyelashes. you'd think she was the queen of something. [is she the queen of something? i'm almost convinced.]

the show gives so many mixed messages. tyra's always talking about wanting to have at least one plus-sized model in there and about how she wants to change the way people view beauty and whatnot, and then she tells a girl her legs are too big and then she talks about trying to hide your imperfections, and then she talks about how your imperfections make you beautiful.
i'm confused. so i need to hide the things that make me beautiful and also have smaller legs but it's ok to be a size 16 as long as i look like a size 2?

the silly dramatics. the judges, the girls, tyra. i've about rolled my eyes right out of their sockets.
and still i go back for more.

because: the photography is insane, the photo shoots they go on are so creative, the places they get to visit are fantastic, and the silly dramatics, though eye-rollingly lame, are pretty funny.
also, models say the cutest things.

'I don't know if they're called Japanese people if they are from Tokyo, or Tokyians?'
'I was really trying to utilize my inner joy. You know, my really strong personality and my appreciation for bunny rabbits and France.'


Kathleen: I believe that if the animal's alive you shouldn't kill it to make a coat or anything, but if it's already dead than you can take the skin off and just make a coat.
Tyra: How would it already be dead? Like, uh . . .
Kathleen: Let's say, 'cuz animals fight each other in the jungle, right, in the woods?


Zack said...

I love it. It's almost as good as "Kids Say the Darnedest Things," except they're just older kids. I concur that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I am no friend of fashion. As you've pointed out, at it's core it's contradictory. Each should wear what she likes. (Though I still hold a high regard for modesty and propriety.)

Chantelle said...

LOVED this post. Not because I ever watch ANTM... cause that would be ridiculous since I'm a mom who tells her daughters that all that nonsense is over rated. Yeah, umm, yeah.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Hahaha I loved the first comment. And this post. I will watch this show when I catch it on (so, I've seen about 6 episodes total) and I have to say I do enjoy it. It's just interesting to watch. They say such random things and, ah, I don't know. It's just fun to watch.

Han said...

How is she that skinny? Thats kinda strange.