Thursday, September 30, 2010

TV - a Gossip Girl analysis.

I am a TV addict. I love TV. I love the way it takes you to another world therefore allowing you to escape your own. This used to be the aim of literature. To portray another world that you could enter into and relate to. I say used to as though people have stopped writing. This is what literature used to do for me. It doesn't anymore. I have a hard time reading. I hate that. 

So anyway. This month I started watching Gossip Girl. I wouldn't have if my roommate hadn't had the first season on DVD. But she did and so it goes. I thought it was hilarious. The exact same way I find the OC hilarious - minus of course Seth Cohen (I blame Gossip Girl's writing crew). The ups and downs and ridiculous torments of Manhattan's elite was the best escape from east coast adjustment issues. I finished the first season and started on the second. By the end of the second season, after Jenny had gotten past her rebellion and super dark eye make-up, everything started to get old. 

I've never gotten so tired of a TV show so quickly. I discussed this issue with my sister. 
This is what she said.  

"This is my summation of the character qualities 
on Gossip Girl...
Serena - chronically sexy.
Nate - chronically slutty.
Jenny - chronically rebellious and in trouble.
Dan - chronically dumb.
Vanessa - chronically trying to get into the group.
Chuck - chronically speaking with a husky voice 
whilst squinting and pursing his lips.
Blair - chronically plotting, scheming, 
being mean,and fawning over Chuck.

Rufus and Lily - chronically keeping things from each other."

I realize this is only going to be funny if you are or have been into Gossip Girl, but it is truly a correct assessment; and a funny one at that. If you're not currently into Gossip Girl but were thinking about entering that world, read this assessment and do not bother. 
It is just truly not worth your time. 
                                               -xoxo Hannah


Mich said...

yup. couldn't agree more. there's only so many times you can watch the same six people enter new "relationships" with each other and really, only so many times you can see chuck and blair give each other an ultimatum.

suzy said...

i have considered watching gossip girl. but i have come to the same conclusion as you just by watching the commercials for it. and that's bad.
good post, hannah.

Han said...

Seth was my fave in The OC although I didn't really watch it that often. Him and Summer were like Beauty and The Geek which was adorable lol.

GG is okay but I am so confused now that I need to start again lol. I saw the graduation one and that was the last one I've watched