Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the theme is travel. ok.

well. since you asked, there is a trip i took recently that i'd like to tell you about.
i left on march 4, with my suitcase. i was so excited because i'd always wanted to take a trip like this one.
i found a rich family who'd always wished they had cooler children and they gladly took me along on their yearly european vacation. but i ditched them the moment they gave me my plane ticket,  because i didn't like them very much. 
there they are: mrs. fletcher, mr. fletcher, kelly, and jacob. 
kelly is adopted and jacob has an aversion to pencil crayons.
they smile too much.

i doodled around paris for a day; saw some sights, i ate some pastries. 
i forgot to visit the eiffel tower. 
i feel like kind of a failure.

i took off early the next morning for some sort of eastern country where they have miniature camels, one of which bit me in the thigh.. 

my camel bite got infected and i had to spend the night at this weird little house. 
i got better.

so then i was going to come home but i went to venice instead, because i wanted to.
they let me drive a boat.

that's all.


Hannah Leanne said...

You're a weirdo.

suzy said...

can't help it.

Zack said...

Sounds like an adventure. I didn't realize you were so tall until I saw the other people on the boat...

suzy said...

you think i'm tall--did you SEE the fletchers???

Zack said...

Wow! It's a good thing they weren't on the boat with you. ;)