Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh my thoughts . . .

Three and a half years ago I had to go on meds to slow my mind down. It was working too hard, making me anxious and stripping me of any control I may or may not have had. So this topic is pretty good for me. I have a lot of things I think of at least once a day.

1) My blog. It's an empowering thing to be providing online entertainment for an uncertain number of people. I'm very proud of my fourteen followers. Only six months ago, I only had five followers. I'd been blogging for about two years. So now everything that happens to me is a possible blog opportunity.

2) The fact that I'm a college drop out. This is a relatively new thought of regularity but its consistency irks me as I want to have an ease of mind in this period of unknown but the fact that I left the only thing I've ever known because I physically, mentally and emotionally had to, boggles my mind up down and side-ways.

3) How I'd like to get married. We'll leave that at that.

4) How I wish Suzy would write a story . . . just kidding.

5) How much I love philosophy and how fun its process is.

6) How I'd still really like to eventually be a registered psychologist because it's the only thing I've ever really loved beyond loved. #2 doesn't really work with this longing. Boo.

I hope that is a sufficient look into my daily brain. How about you, Suz? What are your thoughts of regularity?

1 comment:

suzy said...

lots of thoughts. good show.
i keep picking topics i can't fully deliver on. this one seemed like it would be easy but i mostly just stared at my computer screen for a long time because i couldn't sort my thoughts out enough to write any of them down.
i'm sorry. :(
anyway, your turn!