Friday, December 10, 2010

The worst in every way.

Okay. First, let me just go with, I AM SO SO SORRY Suzy. I can't even believe(!!!) I let this go on so long. You get to a point in every four month term, as a student, that is, when you hate your life, don't want to interact with anyone else's (especially those who are not doing what you have chosen to do) and consequently bury yourself in Friends. So many episodes of Friends. 

BUT that doesn't change my feelings towards this blog. I unfortunately planned how I was going to respond to what was being asked of me, probably two days after Suzy posted the topic. I think this is the worst topic. Poems, Suzy? Poems? I don't write poems. I don't even write prose. I might write in a prosaic fashion every now and then but I certainly do not write poems. Wanting, however to keep with Suzy's choice - as it was her choice - I wrote this. 

Taste and see
That tea is meant
to be.

That's what you get, Suz. That's what you get. 
But for the rest of you, who probably didn't know what you were getting yourself into, here is a recitation of a wonderful poem by a dear friend whose name also happens to be Hannah. 
Again, I'm sorry Suzy. I promise I'll do better! 

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Anonymous said...

hannah...I LOVE YOUR POEM!
i just thought you should know :)