Saturday, October 30, 2010

comfort food?

i have never understood the concept of comfort food.
i mean, when you get your heart broken, i know you're supposed to eat one whole gallon of ice cream. is that what we mean by comfort food?
if so, i understand the food part of it--that would absolutely be the one gallon of ice cream.
that said, where's the comfort part? eating one gallon of ice cream doesn't comfort me; it makes me feel bloaty and whale-y and then i feel sick for a while, and when that feeling passes and i'm given to laying on the bedroom floor heaving great, gasping, painful breaths and i might happen to glance up into the mirror acrost the room at my pitiful reflection, and spy the rivulets of mascara/cream/tears running down my face, and not even the loudest strains of that depressing bright eyes song screaming from the tinny computer speakers can make me feel the way i did before this--whatever this may be--happened, do i then feel as though i've been comforted?

certainly not. i feel tired and like i never want to see an ice cream cone as long as i live.

i do, however, understand the concept of bored food. because when i'm bored, my favorite thing to do is to make popcorn and drizzle melted peanut butter all over it, and then i might grab some frozen chocolate chips from the freezer and maybe some craisins while i'm at it. i don't mind feeling bloaty and whale-y, just so long as i was in a good mood to begin with.

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April said...

I get the bored food totally.

But comfort food, to me, makes you feel better, not worse. So, like a SCOOP of ice cream instead of a whole gallon. A couple of really good cookies. A piece of cake.

Or, strangely enough, homemade mashed potatoes. Somehow they are more comforting to me than almost anything.