Sunday, September 5, 2010

Themo Uno - an ode to Justin's absence.

I need to explain how this is going to work. 
Suzy and I will each post once a week on a theme. Who picks the theme will alternate. The posts will then relate to that theme in an obvious or obscure fashion. 

To start things off our theme of the week is INTRODUCTIONS! 
My name is Hannah, I'm 23 and I'm a Psych major at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I like classical music and . . . just kidding. This isn't Miss America. Though I do like classical music. I live for it a little. 

I just moved to Newfoundland and was so excited to meet my two new roommates. They are precious. Or at least I think they are. I'd already met my one roommate, Ashley. I met her in May and we are perfect roommates. We've already laid down the ground rules of honesty and flexibility. Michelle, there will never be another you, but Ashley's coming close. Justin, my other roommate, I have yet to meet. I've now been here 24 hours and he has yet to show his face. Does this impress me? Not at all.

Justin, if you're out there (which I know you're not, as we have not spoken in order for me to give you this url), come home so I can meet, greet and love you. Which I hope I do. But your first impression of absence isn't getting us off to a very good start. 

PS. This is Ashley (on the left). 


Han said...

I'm Hannah, I'm 24 and I really like classical music - again this is not Miss UK lol.

My favourite piece is the Overture to A Midsummers Night Dream or 1812 Overture (Yup I like dramatic music). I'm getting more into opera and I love O Fortuna and The Flower Duet.

I did Performing Arts at Uni and now work as a Customer Service Rep but I am looking at going back to train to be a teacher. :)

an9e1a said...

Helloooo Hannah (and Ashley)!!! :D

Crystal said...

Have you met Justin yet?!?!? Are you guys best friends yet? HOw is it living with a boy??? These are questions I require answers to!!